Floods in the ancient Egypt

During the cross curricular project about Egypt (Socitic, Tecnomat and EViP), students of 1st ESO have been researching information and facts about how Egyptians used to live and how their buildings were. Now, in SciEnglish, we studied the floods of the Nile River. Each year, during the rainy season, the Nile used to increase the water level and causes flooding. This flood provides rich soil and let the cereals seeds germinate and grow. This way, the Egypciens have enough food for all the population and they even can sell some to their neighbours.

We have made a 3D model of the Nile River and its floods with a tray, sand and rich soil, modelling clay and seeds of grass.

IMG_20160502_144112 IMG_20160503_174942
The soil of Nile River before the floods. The seed can’t germinate. One week after the floods the grass seeds begin to germinate

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