Cultural Heritage: Industry, History and Future

Diaries of Delitzsch, by Andrea & Rocio.

Sunday, 22 September.

Our group arrived at Berlin airport before lunch. Just arrived, we had a serious problem: more than half of our luggage was lost. We had to  declare for hours the content of our bags and manage to get our luggage back.  We lost the whole morning. While trying to get what had happened we went to eat something. Then we took a bus to the Berlin train station. There we got the train directly and headed to Delitzsch. We were very nervous and excited but when we got off the train and met our mates our nerves and fears went fast away.

Monday, 23 September.

Next day, early in the morning, we attended some classes with our mates and later listened to their presentations on the city and its industrial and cultural heritage. We didn’t have time to present our own ones. Next time!In the afternoon we visited the most iconic places in the city like the Swan with Swans, the main cathedral with its gardens and the chocolate factory. 

Tuesday, 24 September.

On Tuesday  the 24th, we went to Leipzig, where we visited, among other places, the church Johann Sebastian Bach is buried. Then we went up to the City-Hochhaus where the whole city could be contemplated. We visited the Bayersicher Banhhof and some of us had lunch there. In the afternoon, we visited a temple called Probstheida and the magnificent Battle of the Nations monument, then went to a mall for ice cream and returned by train to Delitzsch. 

Wednesday, 25 September.

We went to visit the amazing Ferropolis. We listened to its long coal mining history and its sustainable future projects, moved through and up and down its impressive machines and took thousands of photos of their kind of Mad Max crazy scenarios. Later on we went to eat some delicious chinese food. Fortunately, that afternoon the baggage finally arrived. In the afternoon, we had a great grill dinner at the school. 

Thursday, 26 September.

On Thursday, we visited Dresden, the site that struck us the most by its history and architecture, which was almost completely renewed after World War II. It is an ancient city: we splitted into two groups and a guide explained to us about the churches and cathedrals, palaces and big squares history and stories. We found it really impressive the Frauenkirchen church and the story of its reconstruction. When we were looking for a restaurant to have lunch, we noticed that there were many luxury hotels and we managed extraoficially to get into one :). After lunch we went for a boat ride along the river Elbe. There were impressive riverfront courtyard houses, parks, monuments and bridges. Just beautiful! After the boat ride, we spent some free time in the city and went shopping, to a Starbucks and took again some more thousands of pictures.

Friday, 27 September.

Unfortunately, we had to say already goodbye to all our colleagues and wept a little bit, because we knew we would probably never see many of them again.

We took the train early in the morning and headed to Berlin. We managed to hang around the city of Berlin, even though it was pretty rainy. We visited the Humboldt University, some parts od the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Tor, the German Parliament and  the Jews memorial monument, and then it was suddenly time already to say goodbye to Germany. What an intense week!

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