Cultural Heritage: Industry, History and Future

More on Bayerischer Bahnhof and Ferropolis.



A great example of the old industrial heritage we visited in Germany, the old Bayerischer Bahnhof, the “world oldest head station”, built to 1842. The old train station from where the trains headed from Leipzig to the South (Bayern, Munich). An old building competely renewed that has become an important culinary, cultural and events center. History and future of the city.

Here, the web page:  BAYERISCHER BAHNHOF.

History of the train station:


Here, another link with nice old pictures of the building:

Die Geschichte des Bayerischen Bahnhof in Bildern


Another very good example, very impressive, the old open air coal mine, FERROPOLIS. An old mine that has become a museum, a concert and festival arena, a camping, a sports and events center, a huge play area for children, a Biergarten, a quad & segway tour area, a bike, skike and… CROSSGOLF! course… WHAT ELSE??? Call it imagination or sustainability, or whatever. Amazing!

Here the offcial web page: FERROPOLIS



And here, a short video of all it:

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