Cultural Heritage: Industry, History and Future



Our school, Christian-Gottfried-Ehrenberg-Gymnasium  is a grammar school, so our students graduate from school after 12 years of learning with the A-Level. It was founded in 1858, consists of two buildings (Haus Oskar Reime and Haus Ehrenberg/Diesterweg) and is financed by the administrative district of North Saxony. Delitzsch is situated in the north of Saxony, only 15 km from Leipzig and also in easy reach of our state capital Dresden (ca. 100 km).

About 900 students learn at our school taught by about 80 teachers from
grades 5-12. All common subjects are taught here. In grade 6 another foreign language must be chosen, the students can choose between French, Russian and Latin. English is the first foreign language. In grade 8 the students decide on profile lessons. We offer a scientific, artistic and sports profile. From grade 11 students learn in different courses, not in regular classes. They choose two advanced courses and several basic courses. At the end of the 12th grade school leaving examinations have to be passed. Apart from learning there are a lot of extra-curricular offers at our school, such as sports, artistic, language and scientific activities. There are competitions for particularly talented students and the Oskar Awards following the ones in Hollywood. Moreover our choir is very successful in a lot of concerts and contests. And not least of all: we have successful athletes and a fantastic chemistry club, which always surprises us with interesting experiments.  In the last week of each school year a project week takes places and all students work in different projects both in and outside school. 

On our schoolyard there are really old and dilapidated buildings (an old gymnasium and old garages). We would like to work on a concept how to create a feel-good atmosphere for the students and teachers true to the motto: from old to new. We have already worked on projects on redesigning the schoolyard, environmental projects and in creative workshops.