Cultural Heritage: Industry, History and Future



High School Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 10 in Gliwice offers courses in compulsory and post-compulsory secondary education, with a total of 727 students (314 in the compulsory and 413 in the post-compulsory).

The students come from both Gliwice itself and from neighboring towns, some up to 40 kilometers away. The cloister is composed of 82 highly qualified teachers and in 2009 the center celebrated its 60 years of existence. Since that year, the school offers a one-year preparatory
course (Pre-IB) for the two-year international baccalaureate program (International Baccalaureate (IB)) and since 2011 is certified by IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) as the first center
in the region to offer this program. 

Industrial (Cultural) Heritage has a universal value for us as individuals schools and societies. It is important to preserve and pass on to future generations. You may think of heritage as being ‘from the past’ or static, but it actually evolves though our engagement with it. What is more, our heritage has a big role to play in building the future of Europe.
That is one reason why we want to reach out to young people in particular in this project of Industrial

The institute has experience in organizing exchanges and trips to different European countries, such as Great Britain, France, Spain, encouraging the stay in the native families and giving the students the opportunity to practice the languages they have been studying in their native environment.