Cultural Heritage: Industry, History and Future


The Bataafs Lyceum is part of the public school community Hengelo, in short OSG Hengelo.

The education forms of the Bataafs Lyceum are: havo, atheneum, gymnasium and masterclass atheneum and gymnasium Last year we celebrated our 100th anniversary. In the school year 2017 – 2018 the Bataafs Lyceum counts around 900 students. These mainly come from Hengelo, but also from Borne, Delden, Goor and other surrounding places. The number of teachers is about 80. The Bataafs Lyceum is accessible to every child and offers every pupil optimal development opportunities with attention to their differences. We approach each other openly and with respect. The Bataafs Lyceum stimulates the intellectual, cultural and personal development of students. The Bataafs Lyceum is a school for challenging and ambitious education. The school strives for high-quality education for every pupil.

We call this tailor-made work on a level of detail. – Motivation; We want to make our students more aware of their city’s history, especially in the field of industry. We make our students aware that an industrial landscape can also be an enrichment for a city. They also discover how old buildings can be made sustainable for the future. It is also interesting how the preservation of old factory buildings in other countries is happening.

As it is this year’s Cultural Heritage Year, our project fits nicely in with this year’s Cultural Heritage Year. – We will accompany this project with several colleagues from different disciplines, such as geography, history, art and informatics. As soon as the project has started, we will expand the – There is enough expertise within our school to ensure that this project runs smoothly. We will also seek external assistance if necessary.